Privacy Policy

SK Group CCTV Security is an independent CCTV security services provider in Lucknow. We have a team of Certified Engineers for providing technical support and repair services to our clientele. The company is not associated with any third party / brand given on this website.

The company is bound to offer its services to both paying as well as non-paying members of the company. For registration of the services, Company asks for certain personal information. However, this personal information is protected by company as per the latest privacy policies.

Users associated with the SK Group CCTV Security may receive periodic emails having details of the latest security solutions, updates about User’s account, tips relating to the Services as well as user satisfaction questions. In addition to emails, the company may also use user’s data to serve the following administrative purposes

  • For billing purposes
  • To manage system logs along with other company’s records so that email and other system errors / problems can be resolved instantly
  • The company also let users to access their online profile. Users can also make changes in information available in profile by following few below given steps
  • Open SK Group CCTV Security homepage
  • Open SK Group CCTV Security address then go to profile page
  • Now, make changes you want and update your information directory

The company is very serious about the security of the data collected online. Therefore, company uses all the appropriate options to protect data from unauthorized access. Along with this, the company also maintains data security as well as makes sure the proper use of information. User information collected online by the company is protected by using the appropriate means including physical, electronic etc.

SK Group CCTV Security holds the rights to modify, change, add or remove any ‘Privacy Policy’ or ‘Conditions’ without prior information to its users. Therefore, users of the company are advised to review our ‘Privacy Policies’ on regular basis. On continuation of services after modifications have been implemented or notice related to such modifications has been sent, it will be considered that users have accepted modifications and are comfortable with changes. In case, any user is not comfortable with new and updated privacy policy and conditions of use, s/he can cancel his / her membership by contacting to SK Group CCTV Security.

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