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SK Group CCTV Security offers wide range of CCTV security solutions for Business establishments, Corporates, Households. Our mission is to provide the best CCTV security and surveillance solutions at competitive prices. SK Group based in Lucknow provide CCTV Products and Services to safeguard business, guard valuables and to keep an eye on younger ones. Contact us with your requirement, we have got you covered.

What sets SK Group CCTV Security Apart from others?

SK Group CCTV Security always believes in offering world-class premium products along with dedicated customer support, excellent after – sales service and comprehensive warranty. All our products are reliable and user – friendly. Products offered by us meet international standards and committed for offering ultra – performance, effectiveness, reliability and longevity.

We hold the pride of serving the largest clientele including private as well as government players. Even some of our clients are the largest in their respective industries. Our security products are installed in private companies, restaurants, shopping stores, car shops, hotels and various households etc.

We at SK Group CCTV Security are committed to best customer service and technical support. We offer solutions that are popular in delivering comprehensive coverage for efficient and effective security.

Why SK Group CCTV Security?

We have a team of dedicated and experienced consultants. They help users in pointing out their exact security needs which help us to offer them custom CCTV security solutions. SK Group CCTV Security not just sells CCTV cameras but we help users maximize the value of their investment.

Our Products

Premium-Quality Full HD 1080p CCTV Security Cameras Video Surveillance System with Night Vision At Affordable Price.

Indoor CCTV Camera

Outdoor CCTV Camera

PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) Camera

Wireless CCTV Cemera

Night Vision Camera

IP (Network) Camera

Solutions We Offers

SK Group CCTV security Lucknow offers solutions for a spectrum of industries. Our solutions deliver comprehensive coverage for effective and efficient security.


With the increment in rate of crime, it becomes essential these days to put our loved ones under best surveillance system. With our residential solutions installed at your home, you can prevent your property from unwanted burglars attempting to enter.


Workforce violence is becoming another issue in this modern era. With our CCTV security installation services at your office / work place, you can eliminate work place abuse and create a safe working environment for everyone.


By enabling our reliable surveillance system, banks and financial institutions can be prevented from vulnerabilities.




Safe and sound learning environment is essential for any educational institute. However, it can be achieved only by installing CCTV solutions in every campuses across India. Day by day, demand of campus security is increasing in India. To fulfill this demand, we are here with complete range of CCTV security systems.  


Along with quality healthcare services, security and safety are also important. Enabling our security solutions in hospitals is good for both quality healthcare and public safety.




Retail shrinkage continues to be most vital threat to this retail industry. The only efficient way to keep this in check is through surveillance.

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